Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Tiger

Tiger is the 3rd animal in the 12-year cycle of the animals of the Chinese zodiac, coming after the Ox and before the Rabbit. Recent years of the Tiger include 2022, 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, and 1950, with the next Tiger year in 2034 (Year of the Wood Tiger). In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Tiger corresponds with the earthly branch symbol yin.

Tiger is the 3rd animal in the Chinese zodiac. Recent Tiger years include 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, and 2034.

Tiger is a brash, passionate, and confident leader with a keen sense of adventure. They are chivalrous and upright and will keep their word at all costs, making them trustworthy despite their apparently dominating charisma.

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Chinese Zodiac Years for Tiger

The 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac signs follows the Chinese lunar calendar, and doesn’t perfectly correspond with the Gregorian calendar (which uses the sun instead of the moon).

This means when determining your zodiac animal sign, pay attention to when the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) begins—especially if you were born in January or February—as your zodiac may be the previous year’s animal (use the chart below).

Chart of Years, Dates, and Elements for Tiger Zodiac Signs

Tiger Year

Lunar Year Start Date

Lunar Year End Date



February 13, 1926

February 1, 1927



January 31, 1938

February 18, 1939



February 17, 1950

February 5, 1951



February 5, 1962

January 24, 1963



January 23, 1974

February 10, 1975



February 9, 1986

January 28, 1987



January 28, 1998

February 15, 1999



February 14, 2010

February 2, 2011



February 1, 2022

January 21, 2023



January 19, 2034

February 7, 2035


Personality Traits of Tiger Signs

The Tiger personality is fiercely independent, confident, and bold. Tigers are charismatic and enthusiastic by nature, although these big cats are usually not gregarious, and always seem to possess an endlessly infectious energy that keeps others engaged, especially as leaders at work.

Anyone who’s crossed paths with Tigers would be struck by their natural presence. Their vitality is apparent at a glance, and people are instinctively drawn to this larger-than-life quality in these swashbuckling characters.

Tigers are courageous and active people who love a good challenge and adventure in life.

Tigers usually possess a keen sense of justice from a young age and will take a stand for what’s right. However, they’re not exactly tactical with such confrontations, which may rub some the wrong way.

Tigers are a loyal and honorable bunch who will, however, choose to service their ambition before attending to other aspects of life. Even a king requires a kingdom to truly inhabit their power, after all!

Tiger Strengths

Tigers are courageous and authoritative with sky-high ambitions that aren’t just pipe dreams to these adventurers. In fact, Tigers often become pioneers working tirelessly to realize their dream of changing the world in some way.

Tigers don’t care to mince words for any reason and will always speak their mind boldly without condescension. They are honest, judicious, and chivalrous in a way that’s almost too honorable for the modern world.

Tiger Weaknesses

Tigers, especially in their greener years, are often too proud to communicate, which leaves them feeling lonely. Likewise, they can be dictators in love and unable to find romantic satisfaction until they learn to compromise.

In pursuit of their goals, Tigers can be stubborn and brash, which may appear too domineering for others’ tastes because Tigers may very well disregard others’ feelings with such a single-minded focus on their pursuit.

Female Tiger Signs

Personality traits

Female Tigers are intelligent and strong to the point of being domineering. To some, they may appear entirely unfeminine, but in reality, Tiger ladies possess positive traits that spell success both at work and home.

Underneath their tough exterior, female Tigers are, in fact, dedicated, loving, and even surprisingly sensitive souls who will only show their soft side to someone outstanding enough to be a match for these independent ladies.

Male Tiger Signs

Personality traits

Tiger men are earnest and charismatic leaders at work and in love. It’ll be easy for them to move up in any career path they choose, although they’d much rather strike out on their own.

The same dedication applies to love—Tigers will work tirelessly to prove to the object of their affection that they’re willing to give the whole world in exchange for a loyal, loving, and constant partnership.

Tiger Zodiacs and the Five Elements Theory

The Chinese Five Elements Theory assigns one of the five elements—Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth—to each year, in addition to the zodiacs. For example, a Tiger born in the last Year of the Tiger will have a different personality from Tigers born in other years.

Metal Tigers

1950, 2010

Metal Tigers are self-possessed, self-confident, and occasionally self-righteous. It’s virtually impossible for them to watch others suffer without trying to remedy the situation somehow, and they’ll give freely if anyone asks them for any assistance.

What Metal Tigers promise to do for others and decide to pursue for themselves will not be easily shaken by external opinions. It’s best to buy gold and other value-preserving goods, as they’re easily deceived.

Water Tiger

1962, 2022

Brash on the outside while often indecisive on the inside, people born in the Year of the Water Tiger tend to have good interpersonal relationships. They’re family-oriented and like to lead a quiet and peaceful family life without interference from their profession.

Water Tigers are ambitious. If they can work hard and keep making progress, they’ll surely realize their wishes. They can find others’ advice off-putting, a hang-up they’ll have to get over in order to succeed.

Wood Tiger

1974, 2034

Wood Tigers have excellent memories. They’re quick learners, with particular talent in innovation. Their professional fortunes are mixed, but if they can keep a circle of advisors, they’ll be able to realize a bright future.

As they strive, it’s important for Wood Tigers to value the love and friendships they have; otherwise, they’ll lose their closest confidants. Arrogance, whether in love, work, or investment, could prove Wood Tigers’ greatest downfall.

Fire Tiger

1926, 1986

Fire Tigers are earnest, passionate, and strong-willed. Since they don’t love discussions, Fire Tigers might loudly express their opinion without giving others a chance to speak, which may lead others to think Fire Tigers are condescending.

In actuality, Fire Tigers are generous to a fault, which makes them great husband and father material. They enjoy family bliss, and with the wealth they’re destined for, they will never be short of money.

Earth Tigers

1938, 1998

Earth Tigers are natural entrepreneurs since they know how to command attention and trust. As they’re in the habit of helping others, they’ll find others eager to help if they’re in need—it’s their karmic due.

As entrepreneurs, Earth Tigers love to innovate, often coming up with brand-new ideas that they’ll share with their friends and try to implement together. However, they should be more considerate of their romantic partner.

Lucky (and Unlucky) Things for Tigers

Tigers’ luck and good fortune are associated with blue and green, 2 and 7, the northeast direction, and green plants. Meanwhile, white, 4 and 9, and open containers of water are inauspicious and should be avoided if possible.

And remember to wear red for good luck when it's your year (the Year of the Tiger is your Ben Ming Nian, the zodiac that shares your birth year). In Chinese culture, the year of your zodiac animal can actually bring bad luck!

Lucky Things

  • Lucky numbers: 2, 7

  • Lucky colors: Blue, Green

  • Lucky directions: Northeast

  • Lucky flowers: Plum Blossoms, Chrysanthemum, Cineraria

Unlucky Things

  • Unlucky numbers: 4, 9

  • Unlucky colors: White

  • Unlucky directions: Southwest

Love and Compatibility for Tigers

Tigers make great romantic partners but may sometimes come off as pushy in their exuberant courtship, which might overwhelm more reserved signs, while Tigers are obliviously intoxicated by romance—all good once they calm down.

Despite their dominant exterior, Tigers often look forward to a life filled with romance with a child-like wonder, expecting fairy tales. Because they’re naturally passionate, their partner may not know how to match their passion.

❤️ Best Match: Tiger and Horse

Tiger and Horse are two larger-than-life zodiac signs who, instead of clashing, recognize the other’s energy and ambition as on par with their own. In terms of compatibility, sharing their dreams with each other will come naturally to them.

For Tiger, it’s essential that they not only like their partner but respect them, too. Horse’s activity and confidence inspire precisely that. It’s a union in which both partners move forward in the world together.

Female Tiger and Male Horse

Love compatibility

This pair will have a lot in common since both will have plenty of energy and will most likely enjoy moving toward a common goal together. Together, they can make continuous progress and create a better life.

The Horse is a confident and action-driven man, while the Tiger is a cheerful and charming presence inside the home. Tiger will take charge of the family, so there’ll be a clear division of duties.

Male Tiger and Female Horse

Love compatibility

This is an energetic, warm, and harmonious pairing. Both partners are enthusiastic about life and rather cheerful, but neither will overindulge in family life, as both are very career-oriented, rejoicing in each other’s professional growth.

Horse is intelligent and gentle with her partner and able to tolerate a certain degree of fickleness from her Tiger mate, which is exactly what Tiger needs—someone who listens to his many ideas every day.

❤️ Best Match: Tiger and Dog

Tiger will be the undeniable leader in this relationship, but that doesn’t mean they’ll disrespect Dog. Instead, this will be a harmonious and cohesive partnership from which both parties will stand to benefit greatly.

“Too many cooks” won’t be a problem in this kitchen, as Dog will take a step back when Tiger gets in a quarrelsome mood, which Tiger will compensate with ample affection when they calm down.

Female Tiger and Male Dog

Love compatibility

This is a naturally good match, as both are kind and charitable idealists. They’ll be able to give each other the understanding they need as a married couple: the temperamental Tiger and the diplomatic Dog.

This pair will enjoy physical and mental peace—a feeling of being at ease in their partner’s presence. Both are likely to become even more generous and humble as their relationship matures. A perfect match.

Male Tiger and Female Dog

Love compatibility

This will be a sweet and mutually affectionate couple who will both work hard and stay dedicated to their family for years to come. Everything will start with their instant and natural attraction to each other.

Dog is gentle and affectionate, while Tiger has a can-do attitude with a compassionate heart, which makes Dog feel safe investing in the relationship. This pairing will spur each other on to reach their full potential.

❤️ Best Match: Tiger and Pig

You’d think Tiger would find Pig sloppy, but then you’d be wrong. Perhaps Tiger’s tired of being so independent and high-strung, but in any case, when they meet Pig, they’re going to be charmed instantly.

Pig’s laid back attitude conceals a calm and generous nature, which Tiger finds attractive in their partner, while Tiger’s fiery personality inspires Pig to pursue their goals and grow to be an equal to their partner.

Female Tiger and Male Pig

Love compatibility

Tiger and Pig are a pair that can motivate each other since Tiger is cheerful and high-spirited, and Pig is kind-hearted and generous toward others, making the compassionate yet aloof Tiger quite fond of them.

They’ll know how to attract and keep each other’s attention from the beginning, which is why any shortcomings will likely be ignored by their mate in favor of their strengths. A very forgiving couple indeed.

Male Tiger and Female Pig

Love compatibility

This pair shares a mutual motivation for a better life and will be there for their partner when they need it most. Both will be vigorously alive and regard their partner as more important than life itself.

They’ll feel most liberated when they’re together, with the joint ability to maintain passion and understanding in their intimate relationship, which keeps this partnership fresh until they’re ready to enjoy a sweet old age together.

Worst Matches: Monkey, Snake

Tiger and Monkey: These two zodiac signs clash terribly since Tiger is strong-willed and ambitious but often incapable of listening to others’ ideas, while Monkey can be temperamental and unwilling to back down even when Tiger’s temper flares.

As a couple, they will quarrel over everything and end with both being selfish toward their partner. This pairing will most likely not last for very long, with a hasty marriage inevitably ending in divorce.

Tiger and Snake: It’ll be difficult for this pairing to come together since they are almost polar opposites in temperament and preference and won’t find it easy to understand the other person’s opinion, position, or motivation in life.

Tiger is passionate and direct, while Snake is cautious and suspicious. Snake finds Tiger overpowering, while Tiger finds Snake difficult to get to know. Without the ability to communicate, this pairing is destined to fail.

Careers fit for the Chinese Zodiac Tiger

Tigers are ambitious to a fault but don’t mistake that for greed or desire for financial rewards alone. On the contrary, their highest pursuit often exists only in ideals that are impossible to fully realize.

That doesn’t mean these decisive and bold leaders will ever stop trying. They dislike mundane work but can thrive in an environment where they must reinvent themselves daily. Tigers certainly crave a good challenge.

Tigers may gravitate towards politics, business and investing, or competitive sports, where they’ll have the opportunity to push themselves past their personal limit each day. Otherwise, Tigers may choose to go into business for themselves.

Best careers for Tigers:

  • Politician

  • Stock Trader

  • Entrepreneur

  • Athlete

  • Scientist

Worst careers for Tigers:

  • Accountant

  • Sales Associate

  • Project Manager

  • Data Analyst

  • Insurance Agent

Health and Lifestyle Advice for Tigers

Tigers are often those stubborn people who refuse to see a doctor even when they don’t feel well, which is definitely not advised! In addition, Tigers can be temperamental and neurotic, leading to emotional stress.

It won’t be easy for this ambitious sign to keep a healthy schedule and try to get enough sleep; nonetheless, that’s what they need to keep their mood in check and their bodies in shape.

Tiger and the 12 Zodiac Animals (Origin Story)

The Chinese have an origin story or myth that describes a celestial race in which the animals earned their place on the zodiac’s list. The king of the jungle was a favorite to win. Why didn’t it?

The Jade Emperor, wanting to choose 12 animals as the zodiacs, organized the race across the celestial river. The Tiger thought it befitted its important position to win and worked hard to swim quickly.

Unfortunately, the Tiger didn’t take to water as well as the Ox, and even more infuriatingly, the Rat used the Ox to get ahead of everyone else, leaving the proud Tiger in 3rd place.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Tiger

Tigers’ charisma naturally makes them the center of attention, known for their unique, personalized style and the courage to strike out on their own path.

  • Jim Carrey: January 17, 1962, Water Tiger

  • Megan Fox: May 16, 1986, Fire Tiger

  • Leonardo DiCaprio: November 11, 1974, Wood Tiger

  • Shawn Mendes: August 8, 1998, Earth Tiger

  • Dr. Phil: September 1, 1950, Metal Tiger

  • Tom Cruise: July 3, 1962, Water Tiger

  • Lady Gaga: March 28, 1986, Fire Tiger

  • Marilyn Monroe: June 1, 1926, Fire Tiger

  • Queen Elizabeth II: April 21, 1926, Fire Tiger

Tiger’s Horoscope for 2024 (Year of the Dragon)

In 2024, the Tiger will have a mixed plate of luck, with love and finance shining through as favorable areas, while health and career won’t enjoy as much blessing. Life is basically a balancing act!

It’s not a bad year, although Tigers aren’t usually satisfied with the passable or even the mildly favorable. Life is a marathon, Tiger, so don’t stress if you don’t hit all your goals this year.

Tiger’s 2024 Love and Relationships Forecast

Wow, Tiger, in ten years’ time, 2024 may well be remembered as the year you met the love of your life, as your romantic aspect is off-the-charts! Many opportunities await, so don’t rush into anything.

This advice is especially important for single female Tigers, who’ll need to avoid results-oriented thinking, but, instead, enjoy the journey of getting to know all your suitors this year—your prince charming is patiently waiting!

A slight note of concern is that Tigers who are happily married or paired off in a stable relationship may still catch others’ eye in 2024—but it’s definitely not worth damaging what you already have.

Career Prospects for Tiger in 2024

This is hard news to deliver to an ambitious bunch like you, Tigers, but career is where you’ll experience the most setbacks in 2024. You’ll start the year with spirit but quickly encounter a bottleneck.

Thankfully things improve beyond this point, and your natural drive will help kick your career into high gear. While you may not see the fruit of your labors just yet, rest assured you’re gaining experience.

Although Tigers make wonderful entrepreneurs, this isn’t the year to strike out on your own. Instead, learn and accumulate contacts for when that time comes. We hear 2027 will be amazing if you can wait!

Tiger’s Wealth and Finance in 2024

Tiger’s wealth and financial health will perform well in 2024, despite global economic conditions. While income won’t see a dramatic increase—owing to career setback—Tigers can expect an enviable leap in their investment portfolio.

That being said, there’s a cyclical nature to Tiger’s investing this year, where gains are followed by losses and back again. So try not to paper-hand anything, Tiger, and look at the long-term balance sheet.

You should avoid overspending because while your job will be safe, inflation means your money won’t go as far, so try not to splurge until you know you’ve put away enough for a rainy day.

Health Predictions for Tigers in 2024

Tigers have never been the healthiest, which may surprise many people, most of all Tigers themselves! It’s one thing to power through with willpower, Tiger, but quite another to push your body beyond its limit.

Your digestion and respiration need special care this year, so stay away from anything too spicy or heavy on the dining table. Older Tigers need to be wary of nasty colds that never go away.

Try to exercise if you can get away from work. If you think about it, Tiger, building up your health will only save you time when you don’t have to worry about major illnesses, right?