Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Rooster

Rooster is the 10th animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs, coming after the Monkey and before the Dog. Recent years of the Rooster include 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969, 1957, and 1945, with the next Rooster year in 2029 (Year of the Earth Rooster). It is associated with the earthly branch sign yǒu.

Rooster is the 10th animal in the Chinese zodiac. Recent Rooster years include 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.

Rooster is a capable and serious organizer, characterized by the ability to quickly come to the right decision. They’re outspoken, especially against any injustice or amoral behavior they perceive, as well as perfectionist and rule-abiding.

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Chinese Zodiac Years for Rooster

Based on the Chinese lunar calendar, often found in ancient Chinese culture, the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac animals does not perfectly match the Gregorian calendar.

When determining your Chinese zodiac, pay special attention to when the Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year, begins, in particular if you were born in January or February, as your animal sign may be from the previous year (see the chart below).

Chart of Years, Dates, and Elements for Rooster Zodiac Signs

Rooster Year

Lunar Year Start Date

Lunar Year End Date



February 8, 1921

January 27, 1922



January 26, 1933

February 13, 1934



February 13, 1945

February 1, 1946



January 31, 1957

February 17, 1958



February 17, 1969

February 15, 1970



February 5, 1981

January 24, 1982



January 23, 1993

February 9, 1994



February 9, 2005

January 28, 2006



January 28, 2017

February 15, 2018



February 13, 2029

February 2, 2030


Personality Traits of Rooster Signs

Roosters are efficient and capable when the goings are good as well as when they are bad. In times of emergency, many look to them to keep their calm and immediately come up with the most appropriate measures.

They’re also smart, ambitious, and competitive, although their ambition is defined by a surprising compassion for others and a sense of justice. Ultimately, Roosters want to fight on the side of the right and protect others.

Roosters are complex people who seem strong but, deep down, need validation from loved ones.

This morality and sense of mission make them excellent advocates and lend them a romantic passion in social settings. Other characteristics that make Roosters magnetic are their charisma, decisiveness, attention to detail, and organizational skills.

Because of their punctuality and ambition, Roosters can rise to leadership positions and gain the recognition and trust of the public. When that happens, their higher social status will endow them with an urgency to do right by the world.

Rooster Strengths

Roosters won’t wait around for others to step up. Instead, they’ll charge into any situation with conviction since they always seem to know the right thing to do, which makes them excellent leaders at work.

In their personal lives, Rooster people are also quite magnetic because they’re charismatic and bold, socially at ease, and love to compliment others with frankness. They’re stylish and can somehow pull off any colorful or outlandish outfit.

Rooster Weaknesses

In their less developed stages, Roosters can appear cold and calculating. Every move they make—from the way they dress to what they say—seems aimed to attracting attention to themselves or gain some advantage.

If their ambitions don’t play out, they may also become braggarts who talk a big game yet never act. In this case, they may become temperamental and even duplicitous—all to serve their fragile self-esteem.

Female Rooster Signs

Personality traits

Rooster women are unpretentious despite their beauty and quite capable of making a name for themselves on their skills and abilities alone, becoming a trusted authority whose leadership is amply appreciated by her team.

In their private life, Rooster ladies often prefer simple, earth-toned dresses that link them to nature. Once married, they will become a firm authority within their family but also an understanding, loving, and tolerant mother.

Male Rooster Signs

Personality traits

Rooster men are dependable at work and at home because they are courageous, strong, organized, and decisive alpha male types who will impose a firm grasp on the finances of their company and their family.

They usually prefer younger and more feminine women, and they shy away from more confident and mature ones. However, with the right person, they will blossom and become a dependable partner and an attentive, caring lover.

Rooster Zodiacs and the Five Elements Theory

The Chinese Five Elements Theory assigns one of the five elements—Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth—to each year, in addition to the zodiacs. So Roosters born in different years will have different personalities.

Metal Roosters

1921, 1981

Metal Roosters have a strict sense of justice—right cannot be wrong in their eyes, or vice versa. This makes them some of the most virtuous people but also makes them rather judgmental at times.

In love, Metal Roosters will have good luck—especially the men. For women, love won’t be difficult to come by, although they may be quarrelsome and have frequent disputes with their partner, which may snowball.

Water Roosters

1933, 1993

Water Roosters are proud by nature, although they’ll never show off their achievements and creations freely themselves. They are also sensitive and drawn to beauty in art and in the people they surround themselves with.

In love, Water Roosters are gentle and caring, although they may occasionally indulge in toxic relationships for the drama and even try to entangle their romantic partners long beyond the expiration date of a relationship.

Wood Roosters

1945, 2005

Wood Roosters love their family and like to stay close. They possess a humorous and gentle energy, making them well-liked by friends and colleagues, even if they’re not wildly creative at work and require oversight.

They’ll have various sources of income, even if their wealth fluctuates a great deal due to being generous with loved ones. They should invest in gold and real estate if possible, which helps with that.

Fire Roosters

1957, 2017

Fire Roosters are fiercely loyal—promises should be iron-clad. They need a goal or an aspiration to orient themselves and even enemies they can strategize against because competition is what they need to feel alive.

Due to their workaholic tendency, Fire Roosters may struggle with love, but this is more of a problem for men than for women. They are great money managers as if they’re capable of spinning gold.

Earth Roosters

1969, 2029

Earth Roosters are active and, unlike other Earth elementals, somewhat impatient and fiery-tempered. They love going out and meeting new friends, partaking in group activities, and building a trusted network of friends and acquaintances.

Love for Earth Roosters won’t be tabloid-worthy but dependable and enviable, especially later in life. They’ll enjoy the favors of higher-ups, who will give them the chance to earn some extra cash throughout their careers.

Lucky (and Unlucky) Things for Roosters

Rooster’s good fortune and luck are associated with earth tones like gold, brown and yellow, the numbers 5 and 7, and east and northeast. They should avoid red and purple, 2 and 6, and north for best results.

In Chinese astrology, your zodiac birth year, or Ben Ming Nian, is considered unlucky, and it is customary to wear red colors during your year (Year of the Rooster) to ward off any bad luck.

Lucky Things

  • Lucky numbers: 5, 7, 8

  • Lucky colors: Gold, Brown, Yellow

  • Lucky directions: Northeast, East

  • Lucky mineral: Strawberry Crystal

  • Lucky flowers: Cockscomb, Gladiola

Unlucky Things

  • Unlucky numbers: 2, 6

  • Unlucky colors: Red, Orange, Purple

  • Unlucky directions: North

Love and Compatibility for Roosters

Roosters are as active and ambitious in love as they are in their careers. They’ll work hard toward happiness in a relationship, but they must remember that true love should be felt deeply by the heart.

Audacious and wild in the beginning stages of a courtship, once they settle down, Roosters are generally very loyal to their other half. They must remember, however, not to be too exacting with their partners or it can interfere with their love compatibility.

❤️ Best Match: Rooster and Ox

Rooster and Ox are both workhorses of the zodiacs—once they fix upon a goal, nothing can stop them from diligently striving until it’s realized. How wonderful to find a partner who shares this ethic!

There’s little these two cannot achieve together since their temperaments also complement one another—Rooster is a little high-strung, but Ox is benevolent and forgiving, which goes a long way to ensure a smooth relationship.

Female Rooster and Male Ox

Love compatibility

This is a pair of capable and dedicated lovers. Both are very effective in the real world, which draws them together. Instinctively, they know the other person will be a source of support and love.

On top of that, Ox is serious and finds Rooster’s outgoing personality magnetic, while Rooster quite appreciates the gravity of her partner’s personality and finds it reassuring, making this union a practical and prosperous success.

Male Rooster and Female Ox

Love compatibility

This pair shares the same hardworking attitude toward everything in life, which includes their attitude toward love. Both will look for a steady and dependable partner, and they will find exactly that in the other.

In daily life, their life together should go smoothly, with each partner taking care of what they have promised. This marriage won’t have many conflicts since Rooster is a masterful communicator who speaks his mind.

❤️ Best Match: Rooster and Snake

Rooster and Snake will be the epitome of opposites attracting—Rooster being the most forthright of the zodiacs, while Snake is undeniably the most mysterious. Instead of vexing the partners, they mesh together very well.

Since Rooster has a dominant persona, they’ll appreciate the soft subtlety Snake brings. Snake, on the other hand, finds reassurance in Rooster’s honorable and frank character, knowing Rooster is the one person they can trust.

Female Rooster and Male Snake

Love compatibility

Rooster and Snake will complement each other’s personalities. Rooster is practical and courageous, working always to move their relationship forward, while Snake appreciates this attitude and, in turn, contributes sensitivity and refinement to the union.

Both Rooster and Snake will be successful on their own, but when they come together, they’ll suddenly gain a broader perspective on life and begin to perceive more noble goals that they strive for together.

Male Rooster and Female Snake

Love compatibility

Snakes are sensitive and anxious, often guarded because they fundamentally lack a sense of security in their romantic relationships, but Rooster is devoted and loyal—a perfect salve for Snake’s delicate and easily bruised heart.

They’re complementary as well since Rooster is a showman while Snake is less ostentatious. Rooster will appreciate his partner’s low-key glamor and feel at ease with her because Snake offers him unconditional support and understanding.

❤️ Best Match: Rooster and Dragon

Rooster and Dragon are a match made in heaven, even though both have strong personalities that might have clashed—if they didn’t also share a belief in justice and a moral compass between right and wrong.

What that looks like in love is that both will remain humble—if their partner points out an area for improvement, they’ll be open to change. The result is a beautiful and ultimately triumphant relationship.

Female Rooster and Male Dragon

Love compatibility

Both are competitive and ambitious, but curiously, this doesn’t lead to conflicts in this relationship. Rooster is efficient and effective, while Dragon is courageous and confident, so both will remain independent in their own right.

Although Dragon usually requires his mate to play second fiddle, he’ll appreciate that Rooster’s talents are best developed on her own. Rooster admires Dragon, which for this proud woman, is the best foundation for love.

Male Rooster and Female Dragon

Love compatibility

Both Rooster and Dragon are destined for wealth and fortune, so together, they may as well be a money printing machine. However, their wealth won’t just include material possessions but a lifetime of happiness.

They seem to understand their mate instinctively and approve of the commitment to moral justice, long-lasting love, and a joyous family in the other. Since they share these same values, nothing can break them apart.

Worst Matches: Rabbit, Dog

Rooster and Rabbit: These two have opposite personalities and values because Rabbit finds Rooster selfish and stubborn, while Rooster thinks Rabbit jealous and insecure. They can’t see eye-to-eye since their best qualities will be ignored by their partner.

They’ll most likely fight all the time, which could lead to serious health and psychological concerns. The only way to redeem the relationship is for this pair to live apart and only come together occasionally.

Rooster and Dog: This pair cannot make day-to-day life work together since they’re on such different wavelengths. In fact, they wouldn’t even make good roommates or friends, let alone good romantic partners who must face many challenges together.

Roosters often have larger-than-life personalities, while Dogs are more easygoing. The peace and quiet Dog looks for in life will feel rather dull to Rooster, and Dog will find Rooster’s showmanship very annoying and deceitful.

Careers For the Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Roosters possess a unique ability to synthesize information, both apparent and underlying. They’re also organized and analytical and deal with everything in a systematic fashion. Roosters truly shine in situations that may frazzle others.

They’re excellent with people and can quickly get along with anyone they meet, as well as come up with cunning solutions that have been synthesized from a vast and comprehensive knowledge base in any field.

Roosters aren’t suited for a career that requires constant dedication with little recognition. They like to be on stage—if not always literally—and for their efforts to be readily visible to an adoring audience.

Best careers for Roosters

  • Investor

  • Data Scientist

  • Realtor

  • Competitive Athlete

  • Politician

Worst careers for Roosters

  • Publishing

  • Academic Researcher

  • Copywriter

  • Psychologist

  • Artist

Health and Lifestyle Advice for Roosters

Roosters often start as sickly children, who grow more resilient and robust as time goes on— which is lucky since their fiery temperament often gets them into scuffles or at least rile up their blood.

As such, yoga, hiking, and meditation are good alternatives to the competitive sports all Roosters love. Also, because they’re workaholics, Roosters will need to learn how to manage stress and its attendant illnesses early on.

Rooster and the 12 Zodiac Animals (Origin Story)

Rooster is the 10th zodiac animal and the only non-mammal. How did it garner this honor? The Chinese have an origin story that explains why these animals were chosen and their order, too.

The legend tells how the Jade Emperor, to help people remember the passing of time, decided to hold a race across the celestial river to select the 12 zodiac animals that would mark the years.

Rooster didn’t know how to swim, but just like the clever Rat and Tiger, this analytical, tenacious, and proud creature would never give up. It found a piece of driftwood and, displaying its regal appearance to full advantage, floated across the finish line.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Rooster

Roosters are born to be adored and admired, so many Roosters end up famous in some way!

  • Andrew Cuomo: December 6, 1957, Fire Rooster

  • Ariana Grande: June 26, 1993, Water Rooster

  • Steve Martin: August 14, 1945, Wood Rooster

  • Jennifer Lopez: July 24, 1969, Earth Rooster

  • Beyonce: September 4, 1981, Metal Rooster

  • Yoko Ono: February 18, 1933, Water Rooster

  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: June 10, 1921, Metal Rooster

  • Serena Williams: September 26, 1981, Metal Rooster

  • Britney Spears: December 2, 1981, Metal Rooster

Rooster’s Horoscope for 2024 (Year of the Dragon)

Good news, Rooster! Since the Rooster horoscope is in harmony with the God of Tai Sui this year, you can look forward to a stellar year in 2024, with special blessings in love, wealth, and career.

A different God of Tai Sui governs each year, and since this year’s Tai Sui looks favorably on you, Rooster, you’ll find that all your endeavors will go smoothly, and opportunities will crop up unexpectedly.

Rooster’s 2024 Love and Relationships Forecast

The year 2024 is so fortunate for you, Rooster, that you’ll enjoy better relationships all around—from friends, family, mentors, and of course, potential romantic partners! It reflects a new maturity in your behavior.

Single Roosters will meet a few eligible singles that helpful friends and family send your way this year. The only difficulty is deciding which of them tugs at your heartstrings in just the right way.

Roosters who are married may well welcome a new member to the family. On the other hand, if you’ve let go of a person you haven’t stopped thinking about, Rooster, try and get them back!

Career Prospects for Rooster in 2024

After a tough 2023 in the workplace, you can breathe easy in 2024, Rooster. You’ll excel naturally, and each time you put in your 110% effort—you being you—you’ll see a return in folds.

You might have felt lost last year, but with ample opportunity to prove your talent this year, Rooster, you’ll find a few well-appointed mentors who’re ready to give guidance or even lend a helping hand.

This is definitely a year for career advancement, but keep upgrading your skills—maybe some Coursera classes are in order? That way, you’ll never have to fear becoming redundant, even in the worst economic climate.

Rooster’s Wealth and Finance in 2024

Frankly speaking, Rooster, you may well end the year of 2024 by becoming FIRE—attaining financial independence and ready to retire! Being a workaholic, you probably won’t, but it doesn’t hurt to have the choice.

This is because on top of your growing income, Rooster, you will likely have a few other funds coming in. Perhaps it’s an investment you’ve forgotten about or a generous trust from a loving relative.

Whether you decide to reinvest your earnings or buy a sweet little house, you won’t even remember how the lean years before felt like by the end of 2024. Breathe a deep sigh of relief!

Health Predictions for Roosters in 2024

Like all other areas of life, you’ll enjoy good health in 2024, Rooster. Even those minor ailments will have suddenly disappeared—it’s because you’re growing more confident, and little things simply can’t bug you anymore.

But with all the excitement of the year, you may forget to eat or sleep—there just aren’t enough hours in the day for you to live large, right, Rooster? Of course, those aren’t negotiable. Roosters are often picky eaters, but that doesn’t mean you should skip a meal.

So take care of the basics of your body, Rooster, and your body will take care of you. We know you have more that you’re aspiring to beyond 2024; keeping up your health is key!