Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Pig

Pig is the 12th animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, coming after the Dog and before the Rat (which begins the cycle anew). Recent years of the Pig include 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, and 1947, with the next Pig year in 2031 (Year of the Metal Pig). They are associated with the earthly branch sign hai.

Pig is the 12th animal in the Chinese zodiac. Recent Pig years include 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, and 2031.

In Chinese astrology, Pig is cool-headed and capable in any situation, detailed-oriented, intelligent, free-spirited, and a little too generous. They’re passionate and enthusiastic, well-liked by friends who’ll be there for Pig unconditionally because Pig was there for them.

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Chinese Zodiac Years for Pig

The 12 Chinese zodiac signs are based on the Chinese lunar calendar—common in traditional Chinese culture—and therefore do not correspond perfectly to our Gregorian calendar.

For those born in January or February, pay special attention to when the Chinese New Year begins, as your Chinese zodiac animal may be from the previous year’s cycle (see the Chinese calendar chart below).

Chart of Years, Dates, and Elements for Pig Zodiac Signs

Pig Year

Lunar Year Start Date

Lunar Year End Date



February 16, 1923

February 4, 1924



February 4, 1935

January 23, 1936



January 22, 1947

February 9, 1948



February 8, 1959

January 27, 1960



January 27, 1971

February 24, 1972



February 13, 1983

February 1, 1984



January 31, 1995

February 18, 1996



February 18, 2007

February 6, 2008



February 5, 2019

January 24, 2020



January 23, 2031

February 10, 2032


Personality Traits of Pig Signs

According to Chinese horoscopes, Pigs are calm and cheerful, with the ability to speak and act with tact. They possess an unusual innocence and optimism, making them appear angelic and almost childlike, leading others to show their true selves.

They’re very popular for their easygoing ways, unexpectedly sharp intellect, and kind and loving forgiveness of others. When they find a purpose, they can apply this same enthusiasm toward achieving their goal with single-minded perseverance.

Pigs have a beautiful personality and are blessed with good fortune in life.

Their joy in life won’t be sacrificed in favor of their ambition, however. Instead, they’ll aim to achieve a balanced, emotionally rich lifestyle, which is only possible for someone with their wisdom and natural talent.

Socially, Pigs are renowned for their generosity, even though they’re excellent with their money and a common symbol of wealth. If they’re cheated owing to their trusting and kind-hearted nature, Pigs may grow jaded and begin to suspect everything in life.

Pig Strengths

Pig people are capable of being hyper-focused, optimistic, honest and sincere, and compassionate at their best. Despite being wise beyond their years, Pigs will remain innocent and childlike even through the last days of their lives.

They will try their best at everything but won’t ever resort to anything less than honorable in an attempt to win. They are also capable of being generous and charitable to even their worst enemies.

Pig Weaknesses

Pigs may be indulgent with themselves and protect their ego by way of inaction, with their compassion leading to emotional turbulence and them resorting to dramatic performances to ensure others will never leave their side.

Pigs can often become slovenly and lazy, with the propensity to overeat as a comfort to their world-weary souls. This may cap their real-world accomplishments and lead them to shut down emotionally and become grasping.

Female Pig Signs

Personality traits

Female Pigs possess a certain joie de vivre that’s infectious for everyone. As such, they are popular guests at any social events, which they will gladly attend, as socializing is quite fun for these ladies.

Pig women will make loving and supportive romantic partners. Unlike their male counterparts, they tend to be good at keeping things tidy and organized, and they find pleasure in running a comfortable household with love.

Male Pig Signs

Personality traits

Male Pigs are gregarious men who’ll work with devotion without pushing themselves over the edge at the expense of their personal life. They want to hoard knowledge, which will make them indispensable to any team.

They can be somewhat gullible in love, but thankfully, they tend to be drawn to gentle and considerate women. Once engaged, Pigs will make wonderful partners, endowing each mundane day with a special, loving air.

Pig Zodiacs and the Five Elements Theory

The Chinese Five Elements Theory assigns one of the five elements—Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth—to each year, in addition to the zodiacs. So Pigs born in different years will have different personalities.

Metal Pigs

1911, 1971

Metal Pigs are conscientious and well-informed people who take good care of their friends and family and always seem willing to lend a helpful hand. They may tend to be a little lazy by nature.

They’ll express their feelings directly and honestly soon after meeting someone, but Metal Pigs’ effusiveness shouldn’t be taken for flightiness, as their words are backed by a genuine intention to shower that person with love.

Water Pigs

1923, 1983

Water Pigs can be quite stubborn. Once they decide on something, others’ opinions or criticisms will fall by the wayside because they’ll decide to proceed anyway, even if they may live to regret earlier decisions.

They can’t seem to achieve a balance in their romantic relationships, and they go from stubborn to yielding, depending on the kind of partner they end up with, and never seem to find a happy medium.

Wood Pigs

1935, 1995

Wood Pigs appear simple-minded and almost adorably naive, but that appearance conceals a perseverance that won’t be overwhelmed by setbacks. Aside from that, Wood Pigs are indeed as innocent and happy-go-lucky as they appear.

They won’t demand extraordinary beauty in their partner, preferring instead a deeper relationship built on mutual trust. Therefore, they tend to take their time in courtship and allow the relationship to take its natural course.

Fire Pigs

1947, 2007

Fire Pigs prefer cooperative work because they seem to lack firm personal opinions when it comes to most subjects. They love being with friends and will gladly absorb opinions and guidance extended from their friends.

They’re not the most adroit in love, but Fire Pigs have one thing on their side—perseverance, which means working steadily to win over the object of their affections with their steadfast affection and devotion.

Earth Pigs

1959, 2019

Unlike most Earth zodiac signs, Earth Pigs are popular to the point of being social butterflies. They’re good-natured and excel at keeping many friends of various types and intimacy in their hearts without trouble.

By contrast, they aren’t exactly masters at love, even if Earth Pigs offer the same sincerity to potential partners that they do to new friends. This vulnerability is touching and attractive to the right person.

Lucky (and Unlucky) Things for Pigs

Yellow is the best color for Pigs, bringing them prosperity, good luck, and good fortune along with the numbers 4 and 9 and the direction of northwest. Red and blue, 2 and 6, and southeast would be best avoided.

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In Chinese culture, your Ben Ming Nian, or zodiac birth year, is also considered unlucky, so make sure to wear red jewelry or clothing throughout your year (Year of the Pig) to keep any misfortune at bay.

Lucky Things

  • Lucky numbers: 4, 9

  • Lucky colors: Yellow

  • Lucky directions: Northwest

  • Lucky mineral: Ruby

  • Lucky flowers: Oak, Hydrangea, Sunflower

Unlucky Things

  • Unlucky numbers: 2, 6

  • Unlucky colors: Red, blue

  • Unlucky directions: Southeast

Love and Compatibility for Pigs

Pigs like to pursue contentment and enjoyment in life, which applies to their love life as well, preferring signs with the same gentle and easy-going temperament, although some would gravitate towards a more dominant partner.

For these romantic souls, love is hoped to last for a lifetime. Indeed, when they find love compatibility with the right partner, Pigs are likely to remain loyally in love with the same person for the rest of their life.

❤️ Best Match: Pig and Rabbit

Rabbit is known for being a little jumpy, which Pig’s gravitas practically cures— at least enough so that Rabbit has the emotional bandwidth to work on themselves. So it’s a rather healing attraction for Rabbits.

For Pig, on the other hand, Rabbit brings such sweet pleasure and joys to Pig’s day that it enhances the latter’s immersion in life—hardly a tough choice for someone who revels in beauty and joy.

Female Pig and Male Rabbit

Love compatibility

Rabbit is humorous, bringing the more withdrawn Pig out of her shell. This pair will live together in a light-hearted yet deeply felt way as a result, and each will be an emotional rock for the other.

Rabbit’s affections can wane quickly, especially in day-to-day life, but with Pig, this won’t be an issue as this woman’s gentle and forgiving affections will be enough to envelope Rabbit in a cocoon of happiness.

Male Pig and Female Rabbit

Love compatibility

Rabbit loves her Pig man, who’s knowledgeable, wise, and gentle. Pig may initially be reluctant to act on his feelings—Rabbit’s elegance seems out of reach—but Rabbit will offer Pig plenty of heartfelt encouragement.

Their personalities will complement each other as both grow, with Rabbit encouraging Pig to act more assertively at work, while Pig’s silent but lasting love will nurture a sense of security in his nervous partner.

❤️ Best Match: Pig and Goat

There’s nothing to worry about when two gentle and easygoing signs like Pig and Goat come together. They’ll hardly ever exchange a harsh word with each other, in fact, which isn’t exactly easy to find.

Beneath their soft exteriors, Pig’s sharp intellect and Goat’s shrewd analytical skill ensure that their life will not only be easy but prosperous as well. It’s the ordinary sort of happiness these signs will share.

Female Pig and Male Goat

Love compatibility

Pig can be sensitive and easily wounded in a relationship and may be hurt by men of other zodiac signs in unexpected ways, but that won’t happen with her Goat because he’s very sensitive himself.

This relationship will be characterized by both partners constantly wanting the best for the other’s well-being. They’ll appreciate the effort the other has invested into the relationship and feel the depth of their long-lasting love.

Male Pig and Female Goat

Love compatibility

Goat is rarely a leader, except in emotional matters where she may become a guiding light for her Pig man because nothing in Pig’s wealth of knowledge has taught them how to express their feelings.

Until they meet Goat, that is. With her gentle prodding, Pig will express his rich feelings and surprising humor like he’s never felt possible before. They’ll have such fun built upon steadfast love and support.

❤️ Best Match: Pig and Tiger

Tiger seems an unlikely choice for Pig, who doesn’t like to try too hard in life, which is unthinkable for Tiger. But in fact, both need some reminder of their polar opposite to truly thrive.

Tiger’s ambition and drive remind Pig that there’s more in life than a good time, and they shouldn’t sell themselves short, while Pig’s laidback attitude reminds Tiger to take a breather and smell the roses.

Female Pig and Male Tiger

Love compatibility

Most assertive men will scare Pig off, but Tiger’s charisma is just the right kind for Pig. She loves taking care of him and will end each day by preparing his favorite dishes for him.

Tiger can be prideful at times, but Pig’s his perfect mate. The effort Pig invests in the relationship will never go unnoticed by Tiger, which is all Pig will ask in return for her love.

Male Pig and Female Tiger

Love compatibility

This pair is a surprisingly good fit. Tiger can seem aggressive to many, but Pig will somehow disarm all her sharp edges with his shy yet steady affections, allowing him to finally hug her close.

With his thirst for knowledge, Pig will appreciate Tiger’s intellect more than so-called traditional feminine qualities. In addition, being the natural provider that he is, Pig will give all the affection his demanding lover desires.

Worst Matches: Snake, Monkey

Pig and Snake: This will be a chaotic pair if they get married. Both Pig and Snake seem to find some aspect of their partner’s personality too different from their own, and as such, will always disagree, quarrel, fight, and divorce.

Such a discordant relationship will lead to poor fortune for both since the one place both need to feel comfortable and recharge, the home, is the one place neither can do so in this marriage.

Pig and Monkey: There’ll be some initial attraction between certain Pig and Monkey lovers, although once committed, this pair will unfortunately be wrecked with constant conflicts and very poor communication and detach as quickly as they come together.

Pig, who prefers a simpler lifestyle of comfort and ease, will find Monkey’s pretentiously expensive taste exhausting, while Monkey will find Pig uncouth and aimless. This mutual lack of respect spells doom for the relationship.

Careers Fit for the Chinese Zodiac Pig

Pigs are easy-going and friendly, with the conditional drive to work hard if they find their career meaningful. They can also be forgetful and careless and don’t tend to care about their position or status.

Thankfully, their natural intelligence and curiosity can pave the way for success, which doesn’t have to resemble society’s definition of it. Competition, especially the ruthless kind, is anathema to this zodiac’s satisfaction at the office.

Pigs will work diligently to earn a steady income once they settle down in marriage. But they would rather not sacrifice their personal life for work and will retire early if they become financially independent.

Best careers for Pigs

  • Teacher

  • Academic Researcher

  • Gardener

  • Veterinarian

  • Farmer

Worst careers for Pigs

  • Speculative Investor

  • Competitive Athlete

  • Investment Banker

  • Police

  • Military

Health and Lifestyle Advice for Pigs

As a water zodiac, Pig is advised to monitor the health of their kidneys closely, as that’s likely one organ that will plague them, especially as they become older. Yearly physical examinations are a must!

Other than that, Pigs should have good health for most of their life as long as they can get their overindulgence in food and preference for a sedentary lifestyle in order. Obesity is a risk.

Pig and the 12 Zodiac Animals (Origin Story)

Chinese culture has a mythic origin story involving a celestial race that explains how the 12 zodiac animals were selected and why they’re in this order. How did Pig manage a place—even the last one?

The legend goes that the Jade Emperor organized this race across the celestial river to select 12 animals that would help people remember the passing of time. Pig, being the happy-go-lucky soul, entered without ambition.

As the other animals raced ahead, Pig paused for lunch and a nap before taking a leisurely swim in the river and ended up crossing the finish line last behind Rooster and Dog. As it did, it asked: “When’s dinner?!”

Famous People Born in the Year of the Pig

Pigs may not care much about success or celebrity, but their natural joie de vivre and sharp intelligence make them well-liked, often on a massive, global scale.

  • Emma Thompson: April 15, 1959, Earth Pig

  • Kendall Jenner: November 3, 1995, Wood Pig

  • Hilary Clinton: October 26, 1947, Fire Pig

  • Elon Musk: June 28, 1971, Metal Pig

  • Chris Hemsworth: August 11, 1983, Water Pig

  • Dalai Lama: July 6, 1935, Wood Pig

  • Ewan McGregor: March 31, 1971, Metal Pig

  • Timothée Chalamet: December 27, 1995, Wood Pig

Pig’s Horoscope for 2024 (Year of the Dragon)

Pigs can look forward to a smooth and almost uneventful year in 2024 without either major success or serious setbacks. It’s more like a year in which Pigs will reinforce the fruits of their labor.

What that looks like is using your natural popularity to your advantage, Pig. Keep doing good work and retaining the favor of mentors or superiors, and keep wooing your partner, keeping the romance alive!

Pig’s 2024 Love and Relationships Forecast

Be logical and discerning in 2024, Pig, which doesn’t mean you can’t relax and enjoy romance as you know how to do best. It’s emotionally intelligent not to dwell on short-term affection over long-term love.

Single Pigs, you’ll encounter someone who makes your heart flutter this year, but after that, it’s up to you to stay authentic and confident, so the two of you can get to know each other.

If you’re already in a relationship or married, remember that you’re both still growing and evolving. Don’t take it for granted that your partner’s emotional needs will stay fixed, or your own, for that matter.

Career Prospects for Pig in 2024

There will be a few opportunities and breakthroughs here and there this year, Pig, but don’t expect anything transformative. Since you’ve had those years and built a solid foundation for your career, keep stacking away!

As one of the most knowledgeable zodiacs, your skill and experience are your golden ticket. Keep learning and adding to your toolkit because you want to be ready when the perfect opportunity comes along.

But don’t take your network for granted because that’s where opportunities will come from in the next few years. You’re well-liked without much effort, Pig, but just make sure you stay on those VIPs’ radar.

Pig’s Wealth and Finance in 2024

It’s remarkable that you never seem to try hard, yet the necessary income for a comfortable lifestyle just comes to you. You’re definitely lucky in money matters, Pig, but don’t fritter anything away this year.

You’re usually carefree with money, but it’s important to plan ahead. You may stand to gain a few unexpected sources of income in 2024, but do earmark them for the future—perhaps a government bond.

Likewise, a few unexpected expenses will crop up, too. Put your new budgeting skill to the test, Pig, and see if you can make ends meet without dipping into your precious savings account—challenge accepted?

Health Predictions for Pigs in 2024

Do we (and your loved ones) nag you to work out every year, Pig? That’s probably the case, but it’s for your own good since your merry nature takes you out to indulgent dinners often.

Why not take up a leisurely sport this year instead of hitting the gym? Something like golf or hiking might suit you since you’ll be able to hang with your favorite people in the process.

You won’t have any health concerns in 2024, but keep an eye on the health of your loved ones and lend them the love and support they need. But that’s preaching to the choir!