Chinese Zodiac

Tai Sui

If you think Mercury Retrogrades are tricky to navigate, wait until you hear about the Chinese astrological concept of Tai Sui. Unlike Mercury’s brief dips, the effect of Tai Sui lasts for an entire year and can seriously mess with your fortune in all areas of life, including health, money and love. Those affected by Tai Sui are advised to take extra care in everything they do to avoid incurring additional turbulence.

The good news is that this phenomenon only occurs once in many years. In addition, when it is your year of clashing with Tai Sui, called “Fan Tai Sui,” there are remedies like prayers and offerings you can practice to appease the whims of this powerful deity.

What is Tai Sui?

In Chinese astrology, Tai Sui means the Guardian God of the Year. Tai Sui governs all the fortunes of a particular year. There are a total of 60 Tai Sui, each personified as a celestial general in service of the Jade Emperor. They correspond to the cycle of 60 years according to the ancient Chinese calendar of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.

These deities reign in order, each taking a turn for an entire year, respectfully referred to as “Liu Nian Tai Sui.” Back in ancient times, this cycle was mapped out according to the rotation of Jupiter, which circles the sun once every 12 years. Accordingly, Tai Sui also coincides with the 12 zodiac animals in Chinese astrology. This determines who is affected by the “Zodiac Tai Sui” of the year.

Each God of Tai Sui is also associated with a particular direction. This determines the Feng Shui Tai Sui each year, which will be especially important to keep in mind if you are renovating your home or building a new house.

Fan Tai Sui: Offending the God of Tai Sui

Fan Tai Sui, which means offending or clashing with the God of Tai Sui, could be why your fortune might not be as smooth as other years. There are two types of Fan Tai Sui you will need to keep in mind.

Zodiac Tai Sui

The first category of Fan Tai Sui is clashing with Zodiac Tai Sui, which will be determined by your zodiac sign. A rule of thumb is that people who were born under the same zodiac as the current year—said to be in “Ben Ming Nian”—will always be affected by Fan Tai Sui. This happens once every twelve years. Thankfully, those in Ben Ming Nian are not alone, as there are usually three or four other zodiacs that also clash with the reigning zodiac of the year. All these groups will need to watch out for instability in luck.

The year of 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. Those who were born in previous Years of the Dragon, for example, in 1988, 2000, and 2012, will need to take extra care of their health and try to act prudently in matters of love and career, otherwise they could face serious setbacks in all of these areas. In addition, those born under the signs of Ox, Snake and Dog will also find themselves affected by bad luck, or at least minor annoyances.

Feng Shui Tai Sui

Then there is clashing with Feng Shui Tai Sui. Feng Shui is primarily concerned with the layout of buildings and rooms. Since each year’s God of Tai Sui represents a specific direction, it is considered inauspicious to “disturb” anything in that direction.

Remedies: How to Avoid Fan Tai Sui

If your zodiac is in the Fan Tai Sui position for the upcoming lunar year—these generally start in January or February—don’t panic! Practice care and prudence in everything you do, and consider adopting the following ways to appease Tai Sui and ask for their favor for a peaceful year.


It would be a good idea to start the year by visiting a temple to pray for Tai Sui’s protection and peace. This humble ceremony, traditionally carried out on January eighth in the lunar calendar, is known as “An Tai Sui,” which means appeasing the God of Tai Sui.

Wear an Amulet

You can also obtain an amulet to guard against the potential negative impact of Tai Sui. Amulets usually depict a mythical Chinese creature that resembles a winged lion, called “pixiu.” This animal is said to have a voracious appetite for gold and silver and ingests those riches without ever spitting them out. It is considered very auspicious and can bring the wearer of the amulet good fortune and wealth. For those affected by Fan Tai Sui, pixiu can help resolve any hardship that might come up, especially in money matters.

Associate with He Tai Sui

Although there are five signs that clash with the reigning Tai Sui, there will be one sign that has Tai Sui’s special favor for the year, known as “He Tai Sui.” If you fall under one of the clashing signs, try to befriend those with the compatible sign. In this way, their good fortune can rub off on you and offer you some protection. In 2022, the lucky zodiac is Pig.

Do Good Deeds

Act with kindness and love toward others, especially your elders, and help the needy. This could go a long way in securing favor with Tai Sui, like accumulating good karma.

Worship Tai Sui

In addition to not disturbing Tai Sui in the northeast, it would be a good idea to set up a shrine in this direction of your house and make offerings to Tai Sui and the zodiac animal of the year.

Wear Red

In China, the color red is considered auspicious and associated with joyous occasions like weddings and birthdays. If you are Fan Tai Sui for the year, try to incorporate the color into your wardrobe, like wearing the pixiu amulet on a red string, or by wearing red clothing close to the skin. This can ward off the negative effect of Fan Tai Sui and cheer your fortune in unexpected ways!

Zodiac Fan Tai Sui: Past, Present and Future

In case you want to prepare for the future, or you’re wondering why a recent year was rough in the luck department, refer to the table below for the zodiacs in Fan Tai Sui from 2020 to 2024. Remember to check out the He Tai Sui zodiac of each year too, to see which of your friends might be bringing you luck!

Year Zodiac Fan Tai Sui Feng Shui Tai Sui Zodiac He Tai Sui
2020 Rat North Ox
2021 Ox Northeast Rat
2022 Tiger Northeast Pig
2023 Rabbit East Dog
2024 Dragon Southeast Monkey