Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Goat

Goat is the 8th animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs, coming after the Horse and before the Monkey. Recent years of the Goat include 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, and 1943, with the next Goat year in 2027 (Year of the Fire Goat). It is associated with the earthly branch sign wèi.

Goat is the 8th animal in the Chinese zodiac. Recent Goat years include 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, and 2027.

Goat is gentle and mild, sensitive and content, and may suffer bouts of pessimism when facing adverse circumstances. They’re passive and loyal in love, emotionally dependent on their partner, and prioritize the spiritual over the material.

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Chinese Zodiac Years for Goat

The Chinese zodiac animals align with the lunar Chinese calendar, which varies slightly from our Gregorian calendar (the lunar calendar is commonly used in Chinese culture).

When finding your animal sign, make note of when Chinese New Year begins, especially if you were born in January or February, since your zodiac may be from the previous year.

Chart of Years, Dates, and Elements for Goat Zodiac Signs

Goat Year

Lunar Year Start Date

Lunar Year End Date



February 1, 1919

February 19, 1920



February 17, 1931

February 5, 1932



February 5, 1943

January 24, 1944



January 24, 1955

February 11, 1956



February 9, 1967

January 29, 1968



January 28, 1979

February 15, 1980



February 15, 1991

February 3, 1992



February 1, 2003

January 21, 2004



February 19, 2015

February 7, 2016



February 6, 2027

January 25, 2028


Personality Traits of Goat Signs

Goats (sometimes also translated as Rams) are the most tender and mild of the zodiac signs, known for their honest, kind, and empathic nature. They’re selflessly giving, willing to lend their last penny to their closest friends without a second thought. When it comes to yin and yang, Goats are considered yin.

They’re born compassionate, so when they meet others who have suffered, Goats may grow despondent themselves. They’re also creative, almost indulgently so, with no shortage of whimsical images and ideas floating around in their mind.

However, it may be hard to pry these ideas out of Goats because they fear failure to the point of not being able to try again, which stems from stubborn pride that they possess.

Socially, Goats are soft-spoken, elegant, and personable, meek on the outside yet strong and resilient on the inside. If anyone mistakes their docility as a weakness, however, Goats will be sure to deliver a rude awakening.

Goat Strengths

Goat people combine creativity with great enthusiasm for research, making them the ideal innovator for any field. Their thirst for knowledge means they’ll try to get to the bottom of everything they commit to with devotion.

They may also divert that creativity towards artistic pursuits. Their personality is introverted, but their shyness masks inner resources that they can draw upon in necessary situations when they’ll surprise everyone with their courage and passion.

Goat Weaknesses

Goats are easily hurt since beneath their mild manners lay an inferiority complex that makes them anxious to please. They fall in love easily, but when that love ends, Goat can become despondent and inconsolable.

Goats can also be gullible and pestered into committing to something against their nature, often by family and friends. They’ll need to learn to guard their own interests and stand their ground as they mature.

Female Goat Signs

Personality traits

Goat women are considerate in everything they do and deal with the world around them and their interpersonal relationships with elegance and grace. They’re more introverted, as well as more practical than their male counterparts.

At work, Goat women proceed with enthusiasm when they set their minds to something and are resourceful in difficult situations. At the same time, Goat women share their male counterparts’ unfortunate tendency for emotional drama.

Male Goat Signs

Personality traits

Goat men are gentlemanly and elegant, kindhearted, and have a soft spot for children, animals, and nature. Family is important to these tolerant and understanding men, who are always generous with their time and money.

They also tend to be emotional. This can be problematic for them both at work and at home because they will want to take care of their emotional needs before working on more productive endeavors.

Goat Zodiacs and the Five Elements Theory

The Chinese Five Elements Theory assigns one of the five elements—Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth—to each year, in addition to the zodiacs. Depending on the year they were born, there are different types of Goats with different personalities.

Metal Goats

1931, 1991

Metal Goats are kind-hearted, ambitious, with a strong sense of responsibility and ownership. They’re very principled but also stubborn and lack flexibility; therefore, they’re advised to specialize in a certain discipline until they become experts.

Unlike their decisive work persona, in love Metal Goats are wishy-washy, taking one step forward before two steps back during courtship. Even when a relationship has run its course, they’ll have a hard time leaving.

Water Goats

1943, 2003

Water Goats are gentle and self-sacrificial creatures loved by friends and family. They’re not competitive per se, although they’re motivated to seek knowledge, which means they will make excellent researchers, especially in the tech world.

Water Goats are destined for a happy family life since they’ll find a suitable mate quite easily early in life. On the other hand, their fortune in wealth is less dependable, especially with financial investment.

Wood Goats

1955, 2015

Wood Goats are amiable, compassionate, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Unfortunately, it seems people rarely step up to help them, even among their intimate circle, so Wood Goats may often feel lonely.

They’ll enjoy a stable love life despite frequent separations due to work. They seem able to maintain a solid relationship with their mate even when external temptations appear, which they’ll shrug off with ample grace.

Fire Goats

1967, 2027

Fire Goats have a gentle and amiable personality, so they’re rarely disliked. They’re straightforward and loyal but prone to emotional turbulence in their younger years, so they’ll have to wait until middle age for success.

To facilitate emotional maturation, Fire Goats are advised not to isolate themselves. Instead, they should gather a group of like-minded friends who can provide valuable insights and shed a different light on Fire Goats’ temperamental tunnel vision.

Earth Goats

1919, 1979

Earth Goats are judicious and upright, with the propensity to speak their mind without much consideration. They’re not ones to scheme or calculate, which will allow them to find friends who appreciate their unique personalities.

They’re likely to marry early, meeting someone in school, and ending up with this first love for the rest of their lives. Wealth may prove a major headache since investment often seems to go awry.

Lucky (and Unlucky) Things for Goats

As an Earth zodiac, Goat has luck with shades of brown and coffee, 2 and 7, and north. On the contrary, gold and silver tones, 4 and 9, and northeast should be avoided if possible.

According to Chinese astrology, your zodiac birth year, or Ben Ming Nian, is expected to bring bad luck, so make sure to wear the color red when your year comes around (Year of the Goat).

Lucky Things

  • Lucky numbers: 2, 7

  • Lucky colors: Brown, Coffee

  • Lucky directions: North

  • Lucky flowers: Carnation, Primrose

Unlucky Things

  • Unlucky numbers: 4, 9

  • Unlucky colors: Gold, Silver

  • Unlucky directions: Northeast

Love and Compatibility for Goats

Goats remain their mild selves in love, although they have the tendency to lose themselves in a relationship by being overly obedient to their other half, that is, unless it’s something they care deeply about.

It’s more likely that Goats will become pushovers rather than pushy in love. As such, most Goats will share compatibility with equally amiable zodiacs like Rabbit and Pig, although some prefer charismatic and leader-like signs like Horse.

❤️ Best Match: Goat and Rabbit

This is one of those couples that strikes everyone as enviably warm and caring towards each other since they’re similar in temperament and the kind of laid-back lifestyle that they want to create for themselves.

There are still subtle differences to these mild zodiacs, as Rabbit is less easygoing and needs attention from their partner, while Goat is selfless and has no problem giving it to the object of their affection.

Female Goat and Male Rabbit

Love compatibility

When these two come together, they often find themselves mirroring each other since both are easy-going, approachable, and romantic. The marriage will be full of joy as a result, with the attachment lasting a lifetime.

Goat and Rabbit will fall in love in such a smooth way that others may believe love to always be this easy. They’re a match that knows how to accommodate the needs of their partner.

Male Goat and Female Rabbit

Love compatibility

This is a match made in heaven since both are considerate and caring towards each other. Since both Goat and Rabbit are sweet-tempered, this union will likely lead to a warm and pleasant home life.

Goat is a romantic and kind man who admires Rabbit’s delightful way of living—indeed, he’s proud to show her off. Meanwhile, Rabbit is good at reading Goat’s mind and giving him what he needs.

❤️ Best Match: Goat and Pig

Goat appear mild, but they’re actually romantic and creative, which no one recognizes and appreciates better than Pig when these two come together. Goats beauty, indeed, shines most brightly in the eye of their beholder.

Their home will be a sight to behold as well since Goat’s natural creative talents will have the backing of their generous Pig partner. Since both are agreeable introverts, they’ll love spending time together there.

Female Goat and Male Pig

Love compatibility

This couple will naturally feel attracted to each other, as their personality traits are complementary, even as they share the same values and attitudes in life. Together, these two can revel in the simple pleasures.

Goat and Pig can both live in the present without putting much pressure on their mate, so the relationship is one of harmony. Goat is more emotional, while Pig will bring a sense of security.

Male Goat and Female Pig

Love compatibility

A beautiful pairing with both partners willing to sacrifice and make concessions for the good of the family. There will be few conflicts in this marriage, as they bring out the best in each other.

Goat is usually sentimental and reserved with their mate, although they may occasionally experience some anxious moments. Pig is generous and sociable and will quickly put her husband’s mind at ease when this happens.

❤️ Best Match: Goat and Horse

How different these neighboring zodiac signs are at first glance! Horse is such a brash adventurer, while Goat is the consummate homebody, but somehow, that makes them thick as thieves instead of keeping them apart.

What Horse adores most in Goat is that this undemanding sign allows Horse to have their freedom, while Goat loves listening to their partner’s adventures. Both will prove indispensable to this solid union in love.

Female Goat and Male Horse

Love compatibility

Strangely enough, the mild-tempered Goat and the passionate Horse don’t ever quarrel in their relationship, despite the occasional flares of temper from Horse and the moments of anxious sentimentality from Goat. It’s an admirable union.

It’s because both partners understand and tolerate these differences and will guide their mate to express love in the way they need. They can quickly find common ground on which to establish their long-term future.

Male Goat and Female Horse

Love compatibility

This is a surprisingly pleasant pairing, as the partners appear very different—Goat is known for being a warm and family-oriented mate, craving and wanting to create an atmosphere of security in the relationship.

Thankfully, Horse recognizes this need in her partner and won’t view Goat’s affection as fetters to her fiercely independent modus operandi. Instead, Goat’s love will make her feel special and want to return his affections.

Worst Matches: Ox, Rat

Goat and Ox: If this pair ends up together, both must do their best not to interfere with their partner’s privacy. Keeping a distance from each other is the only way for Ox and Goat to make their love work.

Even then, once jealousy and possessiveness permeate the romance, it’s basically over between them, as both will unleash their most stubborn selves and collide. It’ll be difficult to communicate and get along with each other.

Goat and Rat: This is not an ideal marriage, but thankfully, they most likely won’t find their way to each other, whether at work or in love, since both are introverts who aren’t used to being the pursuer.

It’s odd that even though both want a stable family life, somehow, Goat and Rat are unable to provide that sense of security for each other. Over time, the resentment builds until the relationship disintegrates.

Careers Fit for the Chinese Zodiac Goat

Goats may appear mild-tempered about everything, but they would still hate to work on anything they dislike, in which case they’ll protest firmly but without aggression, explaining their point of view with patience and endurance.

They’re motivated to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become subject-matter experts while making full use of their talents and creativity. With space, Goats will almost certainly achieve success and financial abundance.

In general, Goats dislike being in a leadership position. They must look to others to give them guidance and support when the going gets tough, but they possess plenty of grit to excel in a field of study that suits their temperament.

Best careers for Goats

  • Literary Agent

  • Research Scientist

  • Writer

  • Artist

  • Editor

Worst careers for Goats

  • Trader

  • Politician

  • Athlete

  • Attorney

  • Real Estate Agent

Health and Lifestyle Advice for Goats

Goats are blessed with good health, and their mild temperament keeps their mind free from worry as well. They’re advised not to socialize too much, especially over meals, however, as they’re prone to weight gain.

Consider abstaining from smoking and alcohol if you can help it, Goat, since you’re at risk of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. If you can manage it, try moving a bit more.

Goat and the 12 Zodiac Animals (Origin Story)

Goat is honored as the 8th animal, even though it’s not the most conspicuous of animals. How did this happen? The Chinese have an origin story, or myth, that explains how the 12 zodiac animals were chosen.

At the beginning of time, the heavenly Jade Emperor held a race across the celestial river to select the zodiac animals. Goat is neither ambitious nor confident, unlike the Tiger, Rat, or Ox, but decided to participate just to take part.

During the race, Goat decided to just keep pace with its friend Horse. Without breaking a sweat and following Horse’s hooves, Goat managed 8th place — ahead of Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig — and became enshrined as one of the revered zodiac animals.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Goat

Goats may not be striking in the same way as Dragon or Horse, but this mild and patient artistic type can, and often does, achieve fame and fortune as experts in their chosen field.

  • Robert De Niro: August 17, 1943, Water Goat

  • Julia Roberts: October 28, 1967, Fire Goat

  • Steve Jobs: February 24, 1955, Wood Goat

  • Kourtney Kardashian: April 18, 1979, Earth Goat

  • Ed Sheeran: February 17, 1991, Metal Goat

  • Bill Gates: October 28, 1955, Wood Goat

  • Nicole Kidman: June 20, 1967, Fire Goat

  • Frida Kahlo: July 6, 1907, Fire Goat

Goat’s Horoscope for 2024 (Year of the Dragon)

The year 2024 is the year of the Dragon, which doesn’t affect Goats greatly. That’s to say, whether Goat wants to succeed, coast along, or take it easy, they’re on their own this year.

If you decide to work with diligence on your endeavors this year, Goat, your sweat and tears will be rewarded, and not through any cosmic favors. Isn’t that even better—to know you earned everything?

Goat’s 2024 Love and Relationships Forecast

Goat can maintain the status quo in their love life with ease in 2024, meaning your marriage or partnership isn’t likely to suffer unforeseen circumstances. But if you start out single, you’ll probably stay single.

Unless, Goat, you want to be proactive for once in your life? You could sign up for that dating app or ask a friend to play matchmaker. Ultimately, if you’re happy being single, enjoy yourself!

Those who are paired off can rest easy knowing their relationship won’t change much in 2024. That is, again, unless Goat decides to proactively change something, whether that means getting engaged or trying for a baby.

Career Prospects for Goat in 2024

Goat’s career will be smooth sailing in 2024. If you’re not aspiring to much beyond your current position, Goat, you can take it easy and just do your job as well as you’ve always done.

But breakthroughs are available to you if you want to go after that big promotion or perhaps establish your own shop. It’s as easy as putting your knowledge and experience to good use.

Although you’re not known for your sociability, you should know that you’re well-liked. Take advantage of that popularity and leverage your network, who’ll connect you to some VIPs in 2024. You just need to ask!

Goat’s Wealth and Finance in 2024

Your wealth and finance in 2024 is just so-so, Goat, but if you can cut costs while looking for new revenue streams, it’s still looking pretty good as far as increasing your bank account goes.

That doesn’t mean your main income will suffer any setbacks this year, so don’t stress about that. In fact, your superior could be contemplating a big bonus for you for your years of uncomplaining service.

You may receive a well-timed tip or two for the ol’ stock markets from friends and family. Go ahead if you’re experienced and know what you’re doing, but otherwise, don’t mess with any of that!

Health Predictions for Goats in 2024

Your health is looking good, Goat, since you’ve always been good at self-care and rarely lose your head or ever stress yourself out. Keep that up, Goat, especially since there aren’t any major troubles ahead.

But may we suggest trying a gentle, slow-moving sort of sport? Perhaps yoga or hiking and cycling in nature—moving your body ensure that you can occasionally indulge your appetite without paying the price.

You usually strike a good balance between alone time and socializing. This year, you can go out somewhat more than usual since you’ll be in such good spirits—everyone will want to be around you!