Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Snake

Snake is the 6th animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs, coming after the Dragon and before the Horse. Recent years of the Snake include 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, and 1941, with the next Snake year in 2025 (Year of the Wood Snake). Snake is associated with the earthly branch symbol si.

Snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese zodiac. Recent Snake years include 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, and 2037.

Snake is a cautious, introverted observer, cool and mysterious in behavior owing to their suspicious and insecure nature, yet their armor conceals abundant sensitivity, wisdom, and passion that will surely surprise their few confidants.

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Chinese Zodiac Years for Snake

As was common in traditional Chinese culture and Chinese astrology, the 12 Chinese zodiacs follow the Chinese lunar calendar and don’t line up perfectly with the Gregorian (solar) calendar.

When finding your Chinese zodiac animal, make sure to note the start date of the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)—especially if you were born in late January or February—as your animal sign may fall in the previous year (see the chart below).

Chart of Years, Dates, and Elements for Snake Zodiac Signs

Snake Year

Lunar Year Start Date

Lunar Year End Date



February 10, 1929

January 29, 1930



January 27, 1941

February 14, 1942



February 14, 1953

February 2, 1954



February 2, 1965

January 20, 1966



February 18, 1977

February 6, 1978



February 6, 1989

January 26, 1990



January 24, 2001

February 11, 2002



February 10, 2013

January 30, 2014



January 29, 2025

February 16, 2026



February 15, 2037

February 3, 2038


Personality Traits of Snake Signs

Snakes are sensitive, effective, and adaptable, positive personality traits often complemented by a considerable intelligence. They are usually amiable and even-tempered, showing a cool and calm exterior punctuated by occasional bouts of perfectly-timed energy and passion.

They move elegantly through the social sphere, armed with their wide range of interests and hobbies, which add to their intrigue and mystery. They’re often artistic, which makes them taste-makers others look to for guidance.

In emergencies, Snakes show their true value by remaining calm and collected, not losing an ounce of their ability to analyze the situation and come up with the best solution while remaining a dependable presence.

In daily life, Snake people are easy-going and fascinating for their mystery while also needing alone time to smooth their sensitivities. If they can learn to be vulnerable, Snake will find a new world opening to them.

Snake Strengths

Snakes are self-respecting and steadfast; therefore, external voices won’t shake their resolve. They’re goal-oriented, and while they don’t often appear outwardly passionate, they’re blessed with a keen intuition and ample inspiration, making them very creative.

Indeed, Snake may well choose a career in art because they make connections between subjects. They also possess excellent taste, glide among the elite with elegance, and can remain calm in the most stressful situations.

Snake Weaknesses

Snakes are emotionally detached, which can, at times, manifest as coldness or selfishness. Others distrust them, as they seem to be calculating and only concerned with their own welfare, and Snakes distrust others in return.

With their romantic partners, Snakes may struggle to be vulnerable and will try to protect themselves with their usual detachment—which spells romantic failure and will, unfortunately, reinforce Snakes’ distrust for others in the future.

Female Snake Signs

Personality traits

Snake women are wise beyond their soft and beautiful appearance. They’re calm and detached, although underneath that exterior, they often possess a curious and childlike wonder. They’re graceful, especially when they’re handling any sudden situation.

At work, Snake women are blessed with a magical sixth sense, which gives them the ability to make quick and rational decisions with ease. They’re artistic and can curate a beautiful environment wherever they go.

Male Snake Signs

Personality traits

Snake men are shrewd and cool-headed, and they excel at taking command of difficult situations. They are noble-minded natural leaders with a strong sense of responsibility and clearly defined goals, easily garnering respect from their followers.

Snake men are attractive because they appear indifferent to romance. In truth, they’re passionate and full of life, and that vitality will blossom once they settle down into the security of a loving home life.

Snake Zodiacs and the Five Elements Theory

The Chinese Five Elements Theory assigns one of the five elements—Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth—to each year, in addition to the zodiacs. So Snakes born in different years will have different personalities.

Metal Snakes

1941, 2001

Metal Snakes are powerful and have no shortage of courage to make progress. They are also strong-willed, determined, and capable, and as a result, will often find themselves surrounded by many admiring subordinates at work.

Metal Snakes are dazzling and elegant, a standout in a crowd in every way, but they may come off as overconfident and even conceited if they aren’t careful. In fact, they’re supportive leaders, teachers, and advisors.

Water Snakes

1953, 2013

Water Snakes are active, smart, and creative, but they may suffer a great deal of emotional turbulence, especially in their youth. That may also be why they’re adventurers—they’re seeking something that isn’t as easily found.

Water Snakes are very considerate of others and a pleasure to be around. In terms of wealth, they may receive unexpected financial gains, which they should invest wisely in real estate, gold, or index funds.

Wood Snakes

1965, 2025

Wood Snakes prefer order, so they’ll make sure their environment is neat and beautifully decorated. They are naturally accurate when making analyses and calculations, making them an excellent fit for a career in academia or finance.

Outside work, Wood Snakes love antiques and anything that looks beautiful and unique. They can be passive and lack motivation at work, so they’ll need the encouragement of their mentors and loved ones to succeed.

Fire Snakes

1977, 2037

Fire Snakes are wise and insightful, often keen observers who can take stock of any situation, which endows them with social skills. But they can be emotionally stingy, requiring others to make the first move.

At work, Fire Snakes can be impatient, needing constant stimulation. They’re innovators, above all, and with the right environment, they’ll be able to succeed on the merit of what they create with their active imagination.

Earth Snakes

1929, 1989

Earth Snakes are loyal and sincere, popular for their quick mind, physical prowess, and compassion, and they’re able to make friends for life. At the same time, the slightest criticism can make Earth Snakes feel depressed.

They’re hardworking, goal-oriented and will constantly strive to improve themselves at work. Love doesn’t seem to come easily for this group, but if they keep working at it, they’ll definitely find the right life partner.

Lucky (and Unlucky) Things for Snakes

For Snakes, the numbers of 1 and 8, red and black, the directions of west and south bring good luck; pink and purple, 0 and 5, and east are unlucky, which should be avoided if possible.

In Chinese culture, your Ben Ming Nian, or zodiac birth year, is considered bad luck, so make sure to wear red clothing or jewelry during your year (Year of the Snake) to keep away any misfortune.

Lucky Things

  • Lucky numbers: 1, 8

  • Lucky colors: Red, Black

  • Lucky directions: West, South

  • Lucky flowers: Camelia, Orchid

Unlucky Things

  • Unlucky numbers: 0, 5

  • Unlucky colors: Pink, Purple

  • Unlucky directions: East

Love and Compatibility for Snakes

Snakes are passionate and delicate in love, which may surprise their romantic interests. Over time, they’ll also grow into loyal marriage partners, even if their charm means Snakes will usually face many temptations throughout life.

In return, Snakes demand the same loyalty from their partner and become suspicious. It’s best for Snake to express their emotions and doubts with honesty, which the right partner will respond to with loving affirmation.

❤️ Best Match: Snake and Rooster

Snake is one of those effortlessly cool zodiacs, while Rooster seems to be ferocious in all their endeavors. Together, their love compatibility is like water and fire, but instead of fizzling out, they’re the definition of opposites attract.

In fact, they’re alike in subtle ways that only the two of them recognize. Rooster is logical and analytical despite the appearance of being hot-headed, while like Rooster, Snake possesses a passion that runs deep.

Female Snake and Male Rooster

Love compatibility

This is a beautiful match as Rooster is proud and passionate, while Snake is calm and principled. They will keep each other entertained and in check and move up in society as an admirable power couple.

Snake is gentle and considerate of her more outgoing mate, while Rooster will, in turn, happily shoulder the responsibility for the finances and material abundance of this relationship and make Snake feel safe and happy.

Male Snake and Female Rooster

Love compatibility

Snake men appear mature and stable, although at heart, they appreciate beauty greatly and often place an emphasis on their other half’s appearance. And Rooster women are certainly one of the most beautiful zodiac signs.

But more than that, Snake also adores Rooster’s wisdom and emotional intelligence under their eye-catching appearance, inspiring them to put in a great deal of effort to pursue Rooster, and Rooster will appreciate Snake’s devotion.

❤️ Best Match: Snake and Ox

Who ever pictured these two together? Ox is apparent in their diligent tenacity, while Snake is inscrutable in their cautious mystery. But in fact, they share values that reassure their partner of a stable partnership.

This couple will quietly build a safe nest together. They won’t be much heard of until they emerge having hit the important milestones in life. That’s the nature of both their personalities and their love.

Female Snake and Male Ox

Love compatibility

This couple shares many common values and, therefore, will be able to build a steady relationship in which both work hard to create a stable lifestyle. Neither will be impatient either in work or in their private life but will prove excellent and constant support for the other person.

In such a relationship, both partners are likely to find work going better than before because neither is wasting energy on romantic woes. They spur each other on to become the best versions of themselves.

Male Snake and Female Ox

Love compatibility

Ox women are steadfast and traditional. Although Snake may, funnily enough, find his mate hard to understand at first, he will quickly grow to appreciate Ox’s stable emotion and disposition, as he’s prone to suspicion.

In addition, Snake can relax around Ox, and in return, Snake offers loyalty and support to his Ox mate and contributes an emotional richness to the relationship that Ox isn’t likely to ever have experienced.

❤️ Best Match: Snake and Monkey

Both Snake and Monkey are known for their intelligence, although Monkey’s quicker and cleverer, while Snake is more analytical. They will recognize the quality of the other’s intellect, fostering respect before the emergence of love.

The division of labor within this union will be natural—Monkey is much more outgoing, while Snake prefers to be behind the scenes despite their innate charm. Together, they’ll represent an integrated union built on solid ground.

Female Snake and Male Monkey

Love compatibility

Snake and Monkey are both quick and observant, while at the same time, both are prone to suspicion and neuroticism. They’ll share a reassured understanding that they are unlikely to find with any other zodiac.

One area of growth is they’ll have to learn to be honest with each other, which takes trust from both. Once that happens, nothing will stop this couple from living their elegant and lively life.

Male Snake and Female Monkey

Love compatibility

Monkey women are lively and cheerful. They are skilled at and enjoy socializing. These are traits that Snake admires in their enchanting mate, and he’ll give his all to his optimistic partner, even spoiling her.

Once married, Snake will be patient with Monkey and contribute all their wealth to the partnership, which Monkey appreciates. Unless Monkey is immature and decides the relationship isn’t enough, this will be a long-lasting marriage.

Worst Matches: Pig, Tiger

Snake and Pig: Quarreling will be the least of this couple’s problems, as being together means that they somehow always find themselves in accidents or wounding each other. Either way, someone’s going to get hurt until they split!

Snake and Pig never seem to hear each other’s real concerns and always find the other person incomprehensible. They want different things, so it’ll take something of a miracle for these two zodiacs to find happiness together.

Snake and Tiger: Despite both partners’ charms, these two find each other annoying when they spend any amount of time together since they aspire to such different lifestyles that they’ll find the other person’s dreams vain and useless.

Tiger’s cocky, while Snake can’t show their authentic self in this relationship, which will quickly lead to disputes as if they are not even speaking the same language. Why drag yourselves through this relationship muck?

Careers Fit for the Chinese Zodiac Snake

Snakes seem to be blessed with extra talent and fortune in their career. They’ll usually have help from higher-ups and unexpected opportunities for success and excel with unique style and elegance in their professional pursuits.

On the other hand, Snakes are impatient, preferring to rely on their own internal compass. Careers that require team players or thankless dedication over a long period of time will inevitably be stifling for them.

Snakes are born creative, and any career path that requires elegance and grace is likely to go well. Indeed, many Snakes become celebrities, although they’re just as likely to end up in notoriety and infamy.

Best careers for Snakes

  • Investment Advisor

  • Artist

  • Stylist

  • Social Media Influencer

  • Psychologist

Worst careers for Snakes

  • Attorney

  • Police

  • Researcher

  • Doctor

  • Analyst

Health and Lifestyle Advice for Snakes

Snakes are generally fortunate in life, whether it be love, wealth, or career, but health is one area that may trouble them throughout the years. Thankfully, it’s mostly minor ailments that won’t affect Snake’s longevity.

This may have something to do with Snake’s naturally delicate constitution or their propensity to stay sedentary inside, often reading, writing, or creating art. In any case, try to mix some activity into your day.

Snake and the 12 Zodiac Animals (Origin Story)

Snake isn’t usually anyone’s favorite animal, but it’s known as “little dragon” in Chinese culture and honored as a zodiac. There’s an origin story from China for the 12 animals explaining how that came to be.

The story tells how the Jade Emperor, in order to select these 12 honored animals, held a race across a celestial river. Snake was inconspicuous, as everyone’s attention was on the stronger and faster animals.

Once the race started, however, Snake swam quickly with the aid of the currents of the river without being seen and caught all the animals it surpassed by surprise when it slithered across the finish line, notching 6th place amongst the animals.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Snake

Snake is often admired and imitated for their natural beauty and elegance, making them effortless style icons, celebrities, trendsetters, and influencers.

  • Pierce Brosnan: May 16, 1953, Water Snake

  • Kanye West: June 8, 1977, Fire Snake

  • J.K. Rowling: July 31, 1965, Wood Snake

  • Taylor Swift: December 13, 1989, Earth Snake

  • Billie Eilish: December 18, 2001, Metal Snake

  • Vivienne Westwood, April 8, 1941, Metal Snake

  • Bob Dylan, May 24, 1941, Metal Snake

  • John F. Kennedy, May 29, 1917, Fire Snake

Snake’s Horoscope for 2024 (Year of the Dragon)

The year 2024 will be a turning point for the Snake horoscope, but whether it’s a turn for success or a plummet down a cliff will depend on how Snake handles the opportunities and challenges this year.

Your aspects this year represent a new beginning in your cycle of ten-year major fortune that will determine how the next ten years of your life will proceed. Fear not, Snake, we’ve got you covered!

Snake’s 2024 Love and Relationships Forecast

Love is effortless compared to other areas of your life this year, Snake, as it requires for you to be yourself. But that’s not a short order for someone who’s as aloof as you.

Single Snakes may encounter someone who fits into your elegant yet private life with ease. In fact, you may be tempted to marry them not long after meeting, but please do your due diligence first.

Those who’re paired off will as well experience a new beginning with their partner—whether it’s putting a ring on it, tying the knot, or welcoming a new member to the family. Isn’t that exciting?

Career Prospects for Snake in 2024

You may be surprised to find yourself encountering a bottleneck at work as soon as the year opens, Snake, but this is an opportunity as well as a challenge, one that you can certainly overcome.

Snakes born in 1977 or 1989 must pay special attention and utilize your learning and experience from previous years to ensure a triumph. Once that happens, there’s no limit on how far you can go.

When you’ve proven yourself, important mentors or advisors will magically appear to help you soar to greater heights. Remember not to get cocky, but remain humble and grateful for those who contributed to your success.

Snake’s Wealth and Finance in 2024

This will most likely be a year of great earnings as well as great spending, Snake, so although your income will increase in 2024, you won’t end the year with a great deal of savings.

But that’s alright since this year represents a new beginning for you, and you can rest easy knowing that much wealth is coming your way—if you play your cards right. Don’t be greedy now!

You’re advised not to invest or speculate this year, Snake, if you’re not experienced with the markets, but to put your hard-earned income in the bank since you’ll need it in small outflows throughout 2024.

Health Predictions for Snakes in 2024

True to your lifetime health predictions, Snake, you’ll experience small health concerns that disrupt the flow of your otherwise exciting year. Nothing too severe, but they’ll nonetheless pause you in your tracks upwards and onwards.

If you’d like, this is a great year to improve your health long-term. All you need to do is lead a more active lifestyle—go outside more, as vitamin D is vital for your body!

One minor concern is that with everything that’s going on, you may become less cautious than you are by nature. Not that this is a bad development, but do watch over your belongings and your safety.