Chinese Zodiac

Year of the Dog

Dog is the 11th animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs, coming after the Rooster and before the Pig. Recent years of the Dog include 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, and 1946, with the next Dog year in 2030 (Year of the Metal Dog). It is associated with the earthly branch sign xu.

Dog is the 11th animal in the Chinese zodiac. Recent Dog years include 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030.

In Chinese astrology, Dog has a keen sense of justice, valor, and loyalty—betrayal is not part of their dictionary. They’re courageous, helpful, humble, and kind-hearted, with a spirit of selfless dedication and an inviolable conduct of morality.

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Chinese Zodiac Years for Dog

The 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs, like many aspects of traditional Chinese culture, are based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which does not correspond perfectly with our Gregorian calendar.

When confirming your zodiac animal, if you were born in January or February, pay particular attention to the start of Chinese New Year—you might be the previous year’s animal (use the chart below).

Chart of Years, Dates, and Elements for Dog Zodiac Signs

Dog Year

Lunar Year Start Date

Lunar Year End Date



January 28, 1922

February 15, 1923



February 14, 1934

February 3, 1935



February 2, 1946

January 21, 1947



February 18, 1958

February 7, 1959



February 6, 1970

January 26, 1971



January 25, 1982

February 12, 1983



February 10, 1994

January 30, 1995



January 29, 2006

February 17, 2007



February 16, 2018

February 4, 2019



February 3, 2030

January 22, 2031


Personality Traits of Dog Signs

Dogs are friendly, fun-loving, and fiercely loyal to their friends and family, maintaining these relationships over a lifetime of sincerity. They are also compassionate, innocent, and romantic souls who possess a strong intuition to boot.

They need praise and encouragement when they exhibit their instinct to follow and protect. This makes Dogs more of a dependable team player than a strong leader, both at work and in their love life.

Honest and loyal, Dogs are the truest friends and most reliable partner.

Dogs possess a strong sense of social responsibility and take the initiative to safeguard good against evil, although they’d like someone to fight alongside them. For these devoted souls, feelings have more weight than rationality.

Their logic in life is simple, so you can always count on their actions and feelings to match their words. If they flout rules—unthinkable for their own sake—it’s to protect those they love.

Dog Strengths

Dogs are loyal to friends and family, treating these loved ones with genuine adoration. They’re family-oriented as a result, going as far as valuing these relationships in their life as more important than life itself.

They are frank by nature and, as a matter of principle, not only when it is convenient to them. As a friend, lover, or family member, there is no better zodiac sign to have around.

Dog Weaknesses

Because feelings play a major role in their life, Dogs can frequently experience emotional turbulence. They may even become listless and idle, or act arbitrarily. This could lead to serious setbacks for less mature Dogs.

Dog people may be prone to a lack of patience and impulsivity in how they act, which can become frustrating for their romantic partners and family members because it’s hard to trust them with anything serious.

Female Dog Signs

Personality traits

Dog women are more cautious than their male counterparts, but their loyalty does not run any shallower. They may appear indifferent to most people, but once they trust someone, they’ll treat that person like family.

Dog women are caring and considerate of others, work well in a team, and speak with refreshing candidness. Once married, they’ll become a dependable confidant for their husband and the preferred caretaker for their children.

Male Dog Signs

Personality traits

Dog men are straightforward and unpretentious, lively and active, as well as morally principled. They may appear rather boisterous or brash on the outside but are, in fact,sentimental and emotionally vulnerable on the inside.

After getting married, Dog men will try to understand the weaknesses in their spouse’s character and love these imperfections in the one they love. It’s this forgiving nature that makes them a popular romantic partner.

Dog Zodiacs and the Five Elements Theory

The Chinese Five Elements Theory assigns one of the five elements—Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth—to each year, in addition to the zodiacs. So Dogs born in different years will have different personalities.

Metal Dogs

1910, 1970

Metal Dogs are more conservative. On the outside, they usually look exceptionally handsome or beautiful, which can easily attract the attention of the opposite sex, and they are helpful by nature, which can lead people on unintentionally.

Metal Dogs won’t rely on anyone but themselves, so they will succeed through sheer hard work and make themselves indispensable in the workplace. They’re also excellent savers, sometimes choosing a frugal lifestyle with little comfort.

Water Dogs

1922, 1982

Water Dogs are blessed with intuition and foresight, but they’re also too self-effacing. They should show off their abilities at work because, otherwise, their superiors will overlook their contributions, which won’t get them anywhere professionally.

They may initially be self-centered in love and rejected for not having learned to control their emotions. As they mature, they’ll become more rational and skilled at managing both money and their overly abundant feelings.

Wood Dogs

1934, 1994

Wood Dogs are honest, loyal, and reliable. If anyone offers them aid, then no matter how much time has elapsed, Wood Dogs will keep this in mind and look for opportunities to repay such kindness.

They exhibit the same honesty in love but can become obsessive, so, if they discover their romantic interest doesn’t return their feelings, Wood Dogs may have to nurse their wounds for a long time.

Fire Dogs

1946, 2006

Fire Dogs often hold lofty ideals, but for them, these aren’t imaginary but only a yet-to-be-realized reality. And when they inevitably succeed through tireless dedication and effort, genuine praise will mean a lot to these humble souls.

Relationships are important to Fire Dogs and can affect them more than others, so they must learn to be more selective in who they surround themselves with, especially in choosing their romantic partner in life.

Earth Dogs

1958, 2018

Earth Dogs excel at following through—giving up halfway is not an option for them. This principled self-assuredness often attracts others to Earth Dogs, who can be counted on to always do the right thing.

Romance won’t be intuitive for these serious souls, although if the other person takes the initiative, Earth Dogs will follow their lead. In general, Earth Dogs could be bolder to make progress in life.

Lucky (and Unlucky) Things for Dogs

Dogs should choose red and yellow, 2 and 7, north and west, for the most fortunate outcome and good luck. On the other hand, the color green, 1 and 6, and the direction of southeast are best avoided.

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Your Ben Ming Nian, or zodiac birth year, is also considered unlucky in Chinese culture, so be prepared to wear the color red (red underwear is a popular choice) throughout your year to ward off any misfortune.

Lucky Things

  • Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 9

  • Lucky colors: Green, Red, Purple

  • Lucky directions: North, Northwest

  • Lucky mineral: Emerald

  • Lucky flowers: Lucky Bamboo, Cymbidium Orchids

Unlucky Things

  • Unlucky numbers: 1, 7, 8

  • Unlucky colors: Blue, Brown

  • Unlucky directions: Southeast

Love and Compatibility for Dogs

Dogs are accepting and loyal in love, often choosing sympathetic partners who will return their genuine affections. Instead of a wild romance, Dogs usually prefer to start as friends and gradually build a time-tested love.

They’ll think long and hard about a potential mate before pursuing. Such a reliable approach to compatibility means that Dogs are usually successful in love, as they’ll instinctively know how to cultivate affections in the right way.

❤️ Best Match: Dog and Tiger

Dog and Tiger share loyalty in common, although this takes different forms. While Dog is selfless and won’t hesitate to put their partner’s interest before their own, Tiger usually offers protection like a loving monarch.

That doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate this rare quality in their partner or know that it stems from a unifying vision of right and wrong, which will inform the home life these two build together.

Female Dog and Male Tiger

Love compatibility

Dog and Tiger make a stellar pair since they get along well in day-to-day life and share similar goals. Both will also be loving and considerate while giving their mate plenty of room and freedom.

The only thing is that with their shared ambitions, these two must remember to pay attention to their partner and maintain their love, lest work be all they have to talk about in future years.

Male Dog and Female Tiger

Love compatibility

Dog and Tiger are both optimistic and kind souls with a firm belief in promoting justice in the world. Since they share the same virtues and generosity, this pair trusts their partner to act honorably.

Dog is diplomatic, which helps his brasher mate, while Tiger’s feisty feminine charm is exactly what Dog loves in their partner. Be sure to create plenty of opportunities for romance even after you marry.

❤️ Best Match: Dog and Horse

Since both Dog and Horse are open and frank, communication should be a breeze, and that’s half of the battle in any relationship. In addition, what Dog and Horse want in life generally align, too.

So this will be one of those sweet and easygoing relationships characterized by long-term commitment since Dog’s loyalty inspires Horse, who may have been a wandering soul by themselves, to also desire stability.

Female Dog and Male Horse

Love compatibility

When these two come together, they’ll achieve everything they desire by becoming twice as effective with half the effort. That’s why this is an excellent pairing for a prosperous life filled with fame and fortune.

Dog’s more reserved and introverted compared to Horse and will be attracted to Horse’s charismatic personality, while Horse will perceive the romance in Dog’s heart and work to unravel his partner’s hidden warmth and charm.

Male Dog and Female Horse

Love compatibility

Although there are many differences in Dog and Horse’s personalities, in general, they’ll make a harmonious and content couple since both partners are friendly types who treat others with kindness and warmth, including their mate.

Dog is more mature, and with steady effort, he’ll work to provide for the longevity of this relationship, while Horse is more spirited and brings an open-minded boldness that keeps their cheerful love fresh.

❤️ Best Match: Dog and Rabbit

Dog has always been simple and dependable, and that’s why when they encounter Rabbit, who’s whimsical and just a bit capricious, they’re often intoxicated by Rabbit’s charm and the magical presence Rabbit brings to their world.

What Dog doesn’t detect—at least not explicitly—is that Rabbit is often insecure, and it’s precisely Dog’s steadfast loyalty and the unlikelihood of their changing that reassures Rabbit and allows them to truly blossom.

Female Dog and Male Rabbit

Love compatibility

This is a relationship based on honesty and mutual attraction, with one partner’s strengths making up for the other’s shortcomings. In this way, Dog and Rabbit will grow, mature, and make progress in life together.

Dogs can feel somewhat insecure at times, but Rabbit will make sure Dog understands that their relationship is meant for life. In this way, they’ll provide the intimacy, closeness, and warmth both have always desired.

Male Dog and Female Rabbit

Love compatibility

Dog is responsible and loyal, while Rabbit is gentle and charming. She will love Dog with her whole heart and know he’s the best mate for her, and her abundant affection will make Dog swoon.

This is an ideal match because Dog and Rabbit understand each other and find their partner impossibly attractive. They’ll remain lovers all their lives, even well into their marriage and after their children grow up.

Worst Matches: Dragon, Rooster

Dog and Dragon: Dog and Dragon aren’t likely to be happy together because there will be misunderstandings and discord between them. Dog may unknowingly damage Dragon’s legendary pride, while Dragon will find Dog’s loyalty and dedication impossibly dull.

Each will become increasingly cold to their partner until both parties decide to satisfy their emotional needs elsewhere. Perhaps it’s for the best that these two zodiac signs won’t likely be drawn to each other.

Dog and Rooster: Dog and Rooster will likely find the other person less than what they’d hoped for in a romantic partner, with Rooster becoming critical and Dog biting with words until both decide they have had enough.

Both partners are tenacious, which may manifest as both being unwilling to back down or apologize in an argument. For this reason, a marriage between Dog and Rooster will end in the bitterest of divorces.

Careers Fit for the Chinese Zodiac Dog

Dogs are upright individuals who sincerely desire to help others. Everyone will trust their worst troubles to Dogs, which could be too much pressure on Dogs, who may sacrifice their own well-being to help others.

Dogs are loyal and trustworthy above all, often making them the most valued right-hand man for their superiors in the workplace, ensuring Dog a smooth rise in their career, even if not to the top.

They’ll prefer any kind of traditional industry over more creative industries. A career in law may be especially suitable since Dogs possess that keen sense of justice and desire for the greater good of society.

Best careers for Dogs

  • Police Officer

  • Accountant

  • Operations Specialist

  • Civil Servant

  • Lawyer

Worst careers for Dogs

  • Speculative Investor

  • Artist

  • Margins Trader

  • Designer

  • YouTuber

Health and Lifestyle Advice for Dogs

Dog tends to be vital and energetic, with robust health. However, they often take on more than they can handle, leading to stress and potential burnout. Regular exercise and rest are crucial for this zodiac.

In particular, they should prioritize self-care and set boundaries to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Embracing relaxation techniques, such as meditation or breathwork, can be beneficial in maintaining their mental and physical well-being as they age. 

Dog and the 12 Zodiac Animals (Origin Story)

Dog is a zodiac, but only second to last because, in the origin story or myth, it didn’t do well in a celestial race. How come man’s best friend had to be satisfied with this low ranking?

At the beginning of time, the Jade Emperor hosted a race across the celestial river to decide which animals would become part of the zodiac. Dog was a fast swimmer and a fan favorite.

Dog loved the attention, so it dallied for too long, catering to the crowd. By the time it finally set off in the race, most other animals had long since made it across the finish line.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Dog

Dog is sweet and genuine, at times self-effacing, but that’s just the special charm that will end up making them famous and adored.

  • Michael Jackson: August 29, 1958, Earth Dog

  • Saoirse Ronan: April 12, 1994, Wood Dog

  • Donald Trump: June 14, 1946, Fire Dog

  • Mariah Carey: March 27, 1970, Metal Dog

  • Nicki Minaj: December 8, 1982, Water Dog

  • Elvis Presley: January 8, 1935, Wood Dog

  • Madonna: August 16, 1958, Earth Dog

  • Anne Hathaway: November 12, 1982, Water Dog

Dog’s Horoscope for 2024 (Year of the Dragon)

Dogs can relax in 2024 without much concern since their luck will be mostly smooth with a few unexpected opportunities if they’re shrewd and discerning enough—even if not, just enjoy the peace and calm.

But if you have the tenacity and patience to take on fresh challenges this year, Dog, you will experience a breakthrough like never before and be very well rewarded in career development and personal growth.

Dog’s 2024 Love and Relationships Forecast

Just be your usual affectionate and open self, Dog, and you can navigate the sweet waters of 2024 with new acquaintances and reconnected friends, and perhaps someone new on your arm, too, if you’re single!

That’s right, Dog—if you’re single, you’re in luck this year as long as you can put yourself out there by signing up for a new dating app. You can watch the matches pouring in.

If you’re already paired off, however, don’t forget how gently and sweetly you used to listen to your sweetheart’s loving voice. Don’t stop now, Dog, even if you’ve wooed them already, lest they grow resentful.

Career Prospects for Dog in 2024

If 2024 will be calm for Dog’s love life, their career will be in for a major shockwave. And importantly, if Dog can harness the energy, it will set them up for years to come.

Dogs are, in general, good at fulfilling tasks, although they’re less adept at looking at the trajectory of their career growth or of functioning without oversight. This is the area you can break through in 2024.

You can accept new challenges at work instead of doing the same thing you’ve always done, Dog. For example, volunteer for that out-of-the-country project or accept the lucrative but difficult transfer. It’ll serve you well!

Dog’s Wealth and Finance in 2024

Like in love, your wealth and finance should be smooth sailing this year, Dog. There might be a few minor hiccups, however, so don’t stray too boldly from your usual portfolio, but you can diversify if you like.

Keep an eye on your expenses since you can be overly generous by nature. It feels good treating everyone to that lobster dinner, but it’ll certainly be a pain by the end of the month.

In particular, don’t get talked into anything by charismatic, riskier types—a Horse friend or a Rooster relative, for example. This isn’t the global economic climate for that kind of behavior, Dog, especially for you.

Health Predictions for Dogs in 2024

You hear this every year, Dog, but don’t overwork yourself! It’s one thing to be a team player that everyone can count on; quite another to burn out because someone else took advantage of you.

That means prioritizing your physical health, mental health, and work-life balance over anything else, which is difficult for your giving soul. Just make sure you put gym time, meal time, and family time on your calendar first.

You can be temperamental, Dog, even if you’re usually laid-back. This year, make activities like reading, traveling, doing yoga, and taking a walk in nature part of your routine, to keep yourself relaxed and happy.